Magic All Around: Book 1

Meet Vivian Marshall, an introverted artist from Juneau, Alaska.  Painting, cooking hot baths and quiet evenings make Vivian happy.  Neighbors with poor boundaries, her mom's coven-style living arrangement and dogs make her unhappy.  When Vivian moves into a new apartment, she finds her sensible life turned topsy-turvy by dogs, a pony-tailed landlord and an inconvenient prophesy.  Vivian is about to learn that there is magic all around!

If you love Southeast Alaska, weredogs, selkies, mysterious shape-changing boxes or tales of adventure and self-discovery, give this rollicking fantasy a whirl.

Warning: This book contains mild swearing and violence, a drug reference, delicious food, and a pit bull who is allowed on the furniture.

Available in digital & paperback formats from Amazon

You can read the entire first chapter of Magic All Around right here:

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