Guest Flash Fiction Submissions!

I want to continue to post weekly flash fiction on my blog…without having to write it all myself!
My hope/vision: I hope to wrangle a bunch of you, my writing friends, into sharing one or more of your short-short fiction pieces on my blog. Ideally, enough of you would share enough pieces for me to publish one a week for three or four months, that is, through June or July of 2016.
What would you get out of this? While my reader/fan base is small, it is well established and enthusiastic. Publishing your story on my blog would give you a bit of exposure, and the possibility of growing your own readership. Each of my blog posts is automatically shared on G+, through my Amazon author page, and on my Goodreads page. Additionally, I share links to each post on several Pinterest boards, on my Facebook wall, and in several Facebook groups. Sometimes, when I’m really organized, I even manage to flit on over to Twitter and post links there. Finally, each of my blog subscribers would see your story. Doesn’t that sound like a great deal?
If you’d like to have me publish one or more of your short-short stories, please contact me via and include:
- A Word document with the completed, polished story (no less than 50 words, no more than 5,000)
-Information about if/where the story has been previously published
-The title
-A jpeg photograph of yourself (a photo is required in order to share on Pinterest, but I can be flexible if you’d prefer not to share an image of yourself and have another photo in mind)
-A short author bio
-Relevant information about the story type (i.e. dribble, drabble, nanofiction, etc.)
-Links to any published writing
-Links to your social media/contact information which may include your email address, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

I will, of course, reserve the right to decline any story that I don’t feel is adequately polished or a good fit for my blog. In general, I keep my material PG13 (feel free to read the stories on my blog to get a feel for my niche), though I welcome serious and deep themes, as well as light or humorous material. I also reserve the right to make minor spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting adjustments.
Thanks, in advance, for your support. I’m looking forward to the thrill of sharing some of your delightful writing with my friends and readers!

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