Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dog Spoiling

I recently read that bloggers are considered experts in the areas they blog about.  Naturally, this made me feel, briefly, insecure.  I suppose as a writer, feeling briefly insecure is something I could be an expert in.  Nah.  What else?  I’m pretty good at putting off house cleaning, but am I an expert?  Probably not.  I’m a good Scrabble player…but I’m not an expert.  I was wracking my brain for an area of expertise when my dog invited me to play.  He always wants to play as soon as I sit down at the computer to write.  And I indulge him just often enough to maintain the behavior, darn it.  I spoil my dog.  Aha!  I am an expert dog spoiler. With that in mind, I’ve written down a list of dog spoiling warning signs.  Beware: you may be an expert dog spoiler, too!

Twenty-five signs that you may be a dog spoiler:

·        You’ve had your dogs’ photo taken with Santa

·        Your dog unwraps his/her own holiday gifts

·        Your dog unwraps your holiday gifts

·        You sing to your dog

·        You change the words to those songs so that they’re about your dog

·        You have photos of your dog hanging on your wall

·        You carry photos of your dog in your purse or wallet

·        Your computer desktop image is a photo of your dog

·        Your parents refer to your dog as their “grandpuppy”

·        You have a circle of friends who know you only as “Rovers’ mom” or “Spots’ Dad”

·        Your dog has his/her own hiking, camping and traveling gear

·        You have dog ice cream in your freezer

·        You have homemade dog ice cream in your freezer

·        You have to spell in front of your dog.  C.O.O.K.I.E. or W.A.L.K.

·        You’ve posted your dogs’ photo on Facebook

·        Your dog has his/her own Facebook page

·        You’ve blogged about your dog  J

·        Your dog has his/her own drivers’ license

·        You decorate your home and/or wear clothes in colors that “don’t show dog hair”

·        Your dog has play dates

·        Your dog has birthday parties

·        Your dog has more than five nicknames

·        Your never go to the bank drive through without your dog

·        Your dog has written a letter to the editor of your local paper

·        Your license plate, bumper sticker or window decals refer to your dog


If you’ve just discovered that you are a dog spoiler, take heart, it’s safe, legal and fun.  Plus, your dog is loving every second of it.  J  Welcome to the club!