Friday, February 19, 2016

Eighteen Lessons

I have a small treat for all of you who are signed up to receive my blog posts by email!
Since I don't have a way to get my laptop on the Internet right now, in lieu of flash fiction, I've decided to post a few of the musings that I've written (by thumb!) on my phone these past couple of years. Today, I'll start with this little list of tips that I wish I could send to my younger self. ;-)

Eighteen Lessons:

Life is easier as a middle-aged adult than as a young adult. Years of trial and error have taught us what does and doesn't work. Life doesn't come with a manual, but by this age, most of us could probably write one! Well, at least a Cliff's Notes version. Here are 18 things I know now that I wish I'd known as a young adult.

1- Always part your lips when you blow your nose. This'll save you a lot of earaches. 

2- The way your body looks has NOTHING to do with your lovability. Seriously, don't waste another moment regretting your weight, height, shape, or other details of appearance. 

3- Cut your own hair. You'll save a lot of money and get the haircut you want every time. 

4- Try all of the exciting things you want to try but haven't because you think you're not smart enough to learn how. You're more than smart enough.

5- If you must eat an entire head of roasted garlic, do it on a Friday. 

6- 50% of life's aches and pains can be eased by a heating pad and the other 50% by an ice pack. USE THEM!

7- Roast the turkey with the breast side down. You won't have to baste, and the white meat will be moist.

8- Stop making endless mental lists of your shortcomings, flaws, and mistakes. Make lists of perfect moments, good choices, personal strengths, and happy events. 

9- Stay flexible and expect change. 

10- Winter is easier to get through if you let yourself drink some caffeine each day from November through February. 

11- Although you feel like a solitary misfit, you are not alone. You will find kindred spirits in the most surprising places.

12- Knowing you CAN do something without help doesn't mean you SHOULD.

13- Stop feeling guilty for the time and money you spend on books. This will turn out to be one of your greatest strengths. 

14- You think you want smooth sailing but every dragon you face, and every gauntlet you run will teach you lessons that you'll be grateful for. 

15- Mixing metaphors will always make you feel like a gleeful rebel.  

16- When you can't remember someone's name, or the word that's on the tip of your tongue, ask yourself, "Does it start with an A? Does it start with a B?" And so on, through the alphabet. 

17- Volunteer. Find at least one place where you can volunteer and stick with it. In the short run, there may be sacrifices, but in the long run, few things will make you happier. 

18- Some of the best things in life are CHEAP! Most household cleaning and first aid can be accomplished with one or more of the following: white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, & Epsom salts.