Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Near Miss

We had a scare this week. Day before yesterday, I looked across the house and saw smoke curling up towards the ceiling! As you can see from this photo, the crystal ball served as a nice big magnifying glass, and left a trail of scorch marks across the window sill. I was spooked, and, being the rain country girl that I am, my mind was blown. The moral of the story is, don't place clear glass containers, mirrors, or even crystal balls in windows (or outdoor locations) that ever get direct sunlight.
I have a partially written story for you, inspired by our crystal ball debacle, but I've had something come up at the last minute and won't be able to finish the story in time for this Friday. This afternoon, I learned that Juneau is having a mini comic convention this Saturday. Unfortunately, the vender slots have already been filled, (I'm very late to the ball, so to speak)
 but if someone cancels, the organizers said they'd contact me. Meanwhile, I'm going to take myself downtown to this event, along with a box of books, a bunch of bookmarks, and printed copies of one of my short stories (does anyone remember Accident-Prone about the djinn who "accidentally" started the fire at Alexandria, as well as the Great Fire of London?) on a flyer-sort-of-thing. I'm hoping to just wander around and see if I can find people who'll take bookmarks and flyers. Who knows, maybe a couple people will even follow me back to my car to buy a book or two! At any rate, all of my creative energy for the evening is going into this flyer.
My genuine apologies for delaying this story, and I hope you'll bear with me until next week!  
Meanwhile, if any of you have ever been to a comic-con (I haven't) and have any tips or advice about how an indie author aught to conduct herself at such an event, your input would be tremendously welcome. I'm winging it, at this point, and am seriously considering wearing a set of homemade wings to illustrate that! ;-)
Happy Friday!