Thursday, March 28, 2013

Diagrams & Puppy Zooms

Yesterday, I shared with you how my out-of-control, negative thoughts contributed to my unhappiness and how I began my journey towards changing my thoughts. 

Here’s a nifty way to visualize the dynamic interplay between our thoughts, our actions and our feelings:


  • Our emotions are impacted by our thoughts and by our actions.
  • Our thoughts are impacted by our emotions and our actions.
  • Our actions are impacted by our emotions and by our thoughts.

The outside environment can also impact our emotions, thoughts and actions, but only when we let it.
Of course, we can, through our actions, impact our environement and we do all the time. We don't have full control, however, over what that impact will be.

Today, I challenge you to put this diagram to the test!

-First, try changing your emotions. You know, just decide you're going to go from feeling one emotion to feeling another emotion. :-) Good luck with that!
-Second, try changing your emotions by changing your actions. If you feel lonely, angry or sad, try singing and dancing along to some upbeat and happy music or read or watch a comedy. How does this work for you?
-Third, try changing your emotions by changing your thoughts. Lots of folks are familiar with the idea of affirmations but not everyone finds affirmations comfortable. This is where collecting perfect moments comes into play. Be alert; notice and think about any perfect moments that come your way.

These ideas and experiments are the basis for cognitive behavioral therapy which is simply a way of working with our thoughts and our behaviors to make our lives more enjoyable, effective and satisfying.

Today’s Perfect Moment Brought To You By Happy Dog Jeb!

This morning, Jeb invented a new game.  Here’s how it works, I stand at the foot of the stairs and heave his ball (yes, I throw like a girl so this is a big deal for me) into the upstairs hallway.  Jeb retrieves the ball, sits on the top step and drops the ball so that it bounces down each step until it reaches me.  I pick up the ball and we start from the top.  Today, we played this game for about 10 minutes until my husband came out of one of the upstairs rooms, at which point, Jeb tucked his butt, laid his ears back and broke the sound barrier flying up and down the stairs in a fit of puppy zooms.  Dale and I laughed, Jeb zoomed and life was filled with joy!

Facts to elicit Marvel:
Our autonomic nervous system (ANS) is what keeps our bodies running, second to second, day or night, year after year.  The ANS regulates all those automatic but vital functions that we rarely think about like digestion, circulation, breathing, blinking and more.  Although illness can impact the functionality of the ANS, most of us take for granted how much work our bodies do for us all the time. 

·         The “average” person’s heart beats about 3 million times over the course of a 70-year lifetime.  Let’s name our “average” person; we’ll call her Average Jill.

·         Average Jill will take about 600 million breaths during her 70 years, breathing a total of 75 million gallons of air in her lifetime.

·         Average Jill will blink about 250 million times in her life and her eyes will be closed from blinking (not from sleep) for over 5 years in total.

·         The hair on Jill’s head grows about 6 inches each year and although many hairs will break and all will fall out every 3 to 7 years, she’ll grow 35 feet of hair during her lifetime.
Did you take my challenge? If so, what were your results?
Do you have a puppy zooom story to share?
Please feel free to comment!