Saturday, March 30, 2013

Perfect Moment & Cover/Blurb Reveal

Perfect Moment:

One piece of mindfulness practice that I find challenging but fascinating is observing my emotions.  This morning I observed a heavy, grouchy feeling.  It’s the same feeling I get when I push, push, push and get very little move, move, move.  It’s a complex, conglomerate emotion made up of equal parts frustration, weariness, impatience and that snappy fearfulness you see in cornered animals.  I began mentally listing my physical sensations.  I always learn a lot about my mental and emotional life by paying attention to my body and I often discover phenomenological expressions of emotion that surprise and enlighten me.
Achy knees, tight jaw muscles, shallow breathing, itchy dry skin on my arms,  blurry vision.  Blurry vision?  Yup.  Blurry, fuzzy, obscured vision.
Ohhhhhh!  I delight in these minor epiphanies.
I cleaned my glasses.  Put my glasses back on my face.  The world, my feet, the needles on the spruce trees, moss in the yard; it all jumped into sharp focus.  I took a deep breath and sighed.  Relaxed.  Grouchy gone.  Perfect moment.

I have news, today.  I am nearly ready (aiming for April 2nd or 3rd) to upload my short memoir to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.  Here’s a sneak preview of my cover and the blurb.  By the way, I’ve discovered that blurb writing for oneself is an odd bit of mental torture.  Never before have I put so much time and energy into four sentences.  I’m sending out a special thanks to @PetSpeakArt for suggestions, support and encouragement during the blurbing process!

Originally written in a series of candid tweets, Head Buckets & Hashtags unfolds in tantalizing snippets of 140 characters or less.  In turns amusing and harrowing, this gritty recounting of a childhood in the Alaskan “bush” captures Ms. Peska’s spirit of resilience as she copes with poverty, illness and abuse.

Each day at noon, for 15 days in March 2013, Ms. Peska took to Twitter and shared her story with “tweeps”.  Now, in this short memoir, she’s sharing it with you! 

If you have any last minute suggestions for the cover or blurb, I welcome your input. 

P.S. I’m going to take tomorrow off from blogging but I’ll return on Monday.