Monday, June 3, 2013

Mastering New Skills

It’s been another busy week around here and the highlights include;

·        Me stumbling and bumbling about and finally starting to get the hang of G+

·        More stumbling until I sorted out how to import both Magic All Around and Head Buckets & Hashtags to Goodreads (the former already has its first Goodreads review!)

·        Receiving an invitation to a live interview on KTOO, Juneau’s local public radio station! 

There’s a thrill that comes along with mastering a new skill that’s unlike any other heart-pounding, butterflies in the stomach kind of experience.  Mastery of new skills is exciting but typically has a longer buzz than other exhilarating experiences because it changes our thinking.  Mastery builds self-efficacy, which is a lot like self-esteem but more focused on our sense of being able to accomplish things and overcome obstacles.

For me, mastering challenging new tasks makes me straighten my shoulders and puts a grin on my face as wide as Gastineau Channel!  It also leads to a series of perfect moments, which you know I am fond of collecting.

Some of you have been asking for the link to listen to my radio interview live.  Thank you for being so enthusiastic and supportive!  Yes, I’m a touch nervous but I do love public speaking and microphones (visualize me grinning even more here!) and I expect this will be a blast!  I’ll be on a program called A Juneau Afternoon and interviewed sometime shortly after 3:30pm Alaska time (7:30pm Eastern time)  If you don’t have a chance to listen to it live, please don’t worry.  I’ve requested a digital copy of the interview and will make sure that anyone who wants a chance to listen to it, can do so at leisure.

On that note, I’m going to zip off to continue planning and rehearsing my sound bites.  I’d love to hear from you, though.  What have you recently mastered? Did it give you a buzz?  Did it impact your sense of self-efficacy?  Did it come with any perfect moments attached?