Monday, May 27, 2013

My Highfalutin Notions About Responsible Authorship!

My novel, Magic All Around has two reviews on Amazon now.  It’s a big deal in my life, and I don’t mind if you’re amused by how big a deal it is to me because I’m highly amused by it myself.  Nonetheless, it’s a big deal. 

You see, this is my dream, this writing stuff.  This is what I’ve known I’m meant to do since I was twelve years old.  Also, I believe in “responsible authorship”.  In other words, I think there’s a lot of crap and drivel in the media that takes up too much room in our brains and leads us to have skewed and unhealthy perspectives about reality.  I believe that media creators (authors and such) have a tremendous power to change lives.  With power, comes responsibility.  So, I’m not sitting at my dining room table trying to write stories that I think might make me rich, I’m over here trying to write stories that I think, and hope, might make a difference to someone; stories that might help someone solve a problem, reframe a dilemma, try something new.  I want one person to buy and read Magic All Around and be transformed by it the way I’ve been transformed by books over the years.  I want my stories to trigger new trains of thought, introspection, insight, epiphany.  Plus, I want them to be enjoyable and fun.  Ya know?  I’m asking for a lot, I realize that.  These are pretty highfalutin standards for a light and humorous fantasy novel to live up to! 

All of that is to say, this is why my two reviews on Amazon are a big deal for me.  They are both five star reviews and they both specifically mention the uniqueness of my main character, Vivian Marshall.

I'm a character-driven reader and nothing alienates me faster than a foolish, insipid or boring character. One the other hand, nothing else hooks me like the magnetism of an interesting, three-dimensional character with a unique perspective.

As a writer, I’m also character-driven.  When I created Vivian, I was aiming for realistic; the kind of young woman you might actually meet if you came to Juneau and wandered into her artist’s studio.  I also wanted Vivian to demonstrate the kind of self-determination that you and I might, in her circumstances.  I wanted to avoid, at all costs, a character that tripped over her own feet, didn’t know what she liked and let other people run the show all the time.  Vivian is far from perfect but she’s on her own path to self-empowerment and she’s not afraid to take action to get what she wants.

What kinds of characters do you like best?
What do you think about responsible authorship?  Do you think authors and other media creators have the power to change cultural trends?

Are you tired of reading about the same recycled female protagonists?  Do you want to meet a young woman who knows how to cook on the engine block of her car?  Care to read about a gal who wears rain boots and ties a bandana over her hair instead of wearing strappy heels and carefully coifed locks?
Meet Vivian Marshal.  She's introverted but she's not soft-spoken!
If you long for a strong, unique female lead, you'll adore the stubborn and self-determined Vivian as well as the rest of the unique cast in Magic All Around.