Monday, August 19, 2013

Do I Believe In Magic?

Someone asked me, at my first book signing last month, whether I believe in magic.  I was awkward and stumbled for words and felt like a complete doofus.  It’s a question I should have been prepared for because I wrote a book entitled Magic All Around.  But I wasn’t prepared and I didn’t have quick words to explain what I do or do not believe.  You wouldn’t think it would be such a complex issue, but it is.  As a purveyor of words and a proponant of integrity, it’s a question that I feel compelled to answer honestly. 
To answer honestly, I must start by telling you that I am an atheist and was raised as an atheist.  (FYI: This is NOT an invitation to proselytize and I am NOT open to attempts at conversion so just DON’T DO IT!  Thank you.)  I’ve had a few agnostic moments, but the notion of a creator isn’t something that makes sense to me.  It’s not a concept that resonates or calls to me.  I am a skeptic.  Not just regarding religion, but about everything.  When I read the results of research, I question the data collection methods, the sample and the conclusions.  I actively reject significant portions of the culture I live in and when I talk to people, it’s not unusual for me to question their semantics, their motives or their memory!  I know it’s annoying sometimes, (not to mention distracting) but it’s not malicious.  This is just how I’m built, how I’m wired, how I think.  I was not raised to question authority, I was raised to question and challenge everything.  Including my own skepticism.  Yes, that does get me chasing my own tail round and round!
In addition to being a skeptic, I am an avid observer and lover of life.  I’ve observed that life is filled with stuff that I can’t explain.  I am tremendously skeptical about some of the foundational beliefs of chiropractic practice, but for many people (including me) chiropractic adjustments can alleviate pain.  I am skeptical about the existence of spirits and ghosts, yet I’ve been moved to goose-bumps and tears by places and inanimate objects like the Lincoln Memorial and Betsy Ross’s hand stitched flag.  I am deeply skeptical about the phenomenon of synchronicity and am well-versed in the ways that our minds filter, sift and sort information to create stories and patterns.  Yet, I am still filled with wonder when a new word, idea or author seems to appear in my life as though to answer a question I didn’t know I needed to ask.
So, do I believe in magic?
Well, I certainly don’t expect to be able to teleport and I don’t plan on meeting any tiny winged humanoids, but I do believe that life is filled with wonder, with potential and with that which we cannot explain.  I do believe that the wild storms of Southeast Alaska, when the rain blows sideways and the ocean turns the color of pewter, fill me with energy and a zest for life.  I do believe that the glittering slime of a slug fills me with delight that all living things have beauty and I do believe that each of us is capable of far more than we realize.  I believe that a single act of kindness can change a life, I believe that a good nap can transform a problem into a solution and I believe that a whiff of chocolate has the power to alter our brain chemistry.
But, do I believe in magic?
I believe in life.  I believe in death.  I believe in wonder, awe and bewilderment.  I believe in things that we cannot explain.  I believe in things that we can explain but that still fill us with amazement.  I believe all of it, all the wonder, horror, beauty, hope, despair, pain, joy…all of it, is magic.  This life.  This existence.  I cannot explain it.  I don’t subscribe to a religious explanation and even some of the scientific explanations leave me skeptical.  But it fills me with wonder and a sense of the majestic, the magnificent and the magical.   I do believe in magic.


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May your week be filled with wonder and magic!