Thursday, March 3, 2016

Computer Survived Dousing!

After a lovely two week interval in Wasilla, I have returned home and begun joyously catching up on hugs from Dale and Jeb! Of course, now I'm missing my friend whom I was visiting and I'm wishing everyone I love would all just cooperate and live in one place. Failing that, I keep hoping for a helicopter or a lear jet, but neither seem to be forthcoming, so I must settle into missing people who are far away. *sigh*
The other bit of good news is that my computer has survived a dousing. Yes, this perimenopausal author has been struggling with hormone related clumsiness and a few other awkward signs of impending transition. With a little help from my favorite hedge witch, however, I've been happily self-medicating with red clover tea and St. John's Wort. Unfortunately, my clumsiness led me to spill my special tea all over my computer keyboard. After some panicked scrambling to unplug, remove battery, and shake water off my computer, I assaulted it with a towel and blow dryer. A while later, a kind friend suggested rice immersion and, after failing to locate the necessary ingredients for that, I settled on a chia seed alternative. I know. It sounds scary. They are, however, EXTREMELY absorbent little wonders, so I filled a sachet bag with 'em (making certain to secure the closure very well because I don't think chia seeds in computer crevices are a good idea) and tossed them into a clean garbage bag with my poor, put upon computer. Twenty four hours later (and forty-eight hours at this writing), it seems that the computer and I have come out of this little escapade unscathed. Whew!
After all that, and three weeks off from publishing flash fiction, you'd think I'd have a story for you, wouldn't you? My boss even tried to crack the whip and enforce the deadline, but in the end, she just wasn't as much of a hard ass as she meant to be. There is a short story, though, and it's a good one. It just isn't quite where it needs to be, and my sweet boss lady has already agreed that I need to get to bed at a reasonable hour so that I can get up early for a doctor's appointment. So, please bear with me one more week, and come back here next Friday to read about a strange and surprising job interview!
Happy Friday, and have a wonderful week!