Thursday, May 5, 2016

Iridescent Fairy Dreams

 Ooops! Caught me with my eyes closed. 
Fairy dust makes me sleepy.
Slightly crooked wings and uninspired pose,
but authors don't usually do a lot of modeling.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to FWP3 (Fairy Wing Prototype 3)! This prototype is constructed with 14 gauge galvanized stainless steel wire, two kinds of tape, one kind of glue, two layers of iridescent cellophane, gold paint, ribbon, and the firm application of a hot iron. Oh, and fairy dust! 
It's been another rip-roarin' week, and I'm continuing to make magic wands and fairy wings in preparation for the Community Day on Campus on May 14th. Did I mention that I'll also be selling Dutch Buttercake, Whole Lemon Bars and my famous Curried Brownies? If you haven't tried curried brownies, you haven't tasted magic yet! If you're in Juneau, I hope you'll stop by. Every book or fairy wing purchase comes with a free dessert, and I've heard a rumor that my mom will even be there, fluttering around in her own set of wings! Now, if that doesn't sound like some fairy godmother magic, I don't know what does.
Not here in Juneau? No problem! I would be happy to create your dream fairy wings and/or magic wand! For the time being, wings will be in the $40 range, plus shipping. According to the listings on Etsy and Ebay, this is a steal of a deal, so get your iridescent Fairy Wings while I'm still a nervous amateur testing the market. ;-) 
Now, I have to excuse myself. I've been staying up melting cellophane into the wee hours, so now I'm going to flutter off to take a nap under a flower petal!
Next week at this time, I'll be in a baking frenzy. I'll post...but expect every word to be coated in flour dust and powdered curry!
Have a great weekend and a lovely week!