Thursday, July 14, 2016

Over-Stuffed Brain

Happy Friday, friends!
This week, my brain is over-stuffed. Sometimes I get my arms so full of laundry that I keep dropping things. First, I drop a sock, then, when I bend over to pick it up, I drop a shirt and two pairs of underwear. I try picking the underwear up with my toes, which actually works pretty well until I realize that it would take a contortionist to get the underwear from where it's hanging between my grasping toes, up to the top of the laundry pile in my arms. I hop around on one foot trying to decide what to do with the underwear until I fall on my ass, spilling the whole armload of laundry.
I'll post again next week, but have nothing substantial to say today because my brain is cackling and picking up the laundry that I've just scattered all over the living room of my mind. 
Love to you and yours, and have a marvelous weekend! 

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