Monday, September 9, 2013

20 Books I'll Never Write

Hello friends!
I’ve had some terrific guest posters recently and been spoiled.  If you haven’t read their posts yet, take a few minutes to read Have A Dog and The Benefits Of Reading As A Third Culture Kid.
Since I last blogged, three weeks ago, I’ve had a bump in my road in the form of some breakthrough symptoms of depression.  I’m proud of myself for recognizing what was happening right away and I’m actively implementing cognitive/behavioral strategies.  I also contacted my healthcare provider and she increased my anti-depressant dosage. Between those two strategies and the loving support of my husband, family and friends, I am already beginning to feel better.
For me, one of the ways depression expresses itself is through a sharp decline in words, verbal and written.  This means I’ve fallen behind on Magic Within, but I am still aiming for, and hoping to achieve, a November release date.  As the novel progresses and the date approaches, I’ll keep everyone apprised.
Meanwhile, I’m funneling most of my words into Magic Within and will keep this post short.
Even when it’s moving like chilled molasses, my brain does like to entertain me.  I often find myself chuckling over odd bits and pieces that seem like they’d make terrific book titles.  I’ve been keeping a list of these and hope they give you a grin!
20 Books I’ll Never Write
1. Dead Bodies Don’t Giggle
2. Crafting With Ramen
3. Canine Dream Analysis
4. Bald Eagles Chirp, Not Scream
5. The Tooth Fairy’s Nephew
6. Super Ticked: The Story Of A Serial Killer Whose Victims Failed To Signal Their Intent To Turn
7. Never Trust a Budgie With A Secret
8. Bingo In The Dining Hall: Addictive Gambling In The Geriatric Population
9. Ear Wigs: Grow, Trim & Donate Your Ear Hair To The Younger & Less Fortunately Endowed
10. Vampires Loath Aoli
11. Fiddle Sticks
12. Where Is My Werewolf And What Should She Wear?
13. Spitting Into The Wind: Why People Have To Learn Shit The Hard Way
14. Ewww: The Ten Most Disgusting “Wonders” Of The World
15. Her-She: Chocolate Is For Women
16. DysFUNctional: A Family Story 
17. Gurdies, Donuts, Spoons & Flashers: How To Speak Like A Salmon Troller
18. Food Reclamation: The Fine Art Of Eating What Others Have Discarded
19. Oopsy!  The True History Of The Best Creative Mistakes Ever Made
20. Rough Elbows & Hairy Legs: Rejecting The Cultural Norms Of Female Beauty And Grooming

Does your brain keep you entertained?  Feel free to comment and share with me what sorts of silly gymnastics your grey matter likes to perform!
May you have a joyful day.

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