Monday, September 23, 2013

Cheese n' Waves

Sometimes, I don’t know what to blog about.  I don’t mean that I don’t have lists with a zillion ideas on them (yeah, a ZILLION!) but that none of the things on those lists is thrilling me and woe unto her who writes about something she’s not thrilled by, right?
So, I was brainstorming.  If I have to brainstorm for more than three minutes, there’s one thing I always do.  I call my friend Babs.  She’s my brainstorming partner.  I help her brainstorm her art projects (often textiles and wearable arts) and she helps me brainstorm my writing projects.  Babs suggested that I write a post about Jeb’s glowing eyes (I’d just texted her a photo wherein his eyes were glowing green because I’d had the flash on) or about my ten favorite kinds of cheese.  I have to say, the cheese idea had a strong appeal.  My brain immediately made that list (Brie, pepper jack, goat cheese, ricotta, fresh mozzarella, smoked gruyere, Colby jack, camembert, cream cheese and ricotta) and I had to go eat some cheese.  After that, I decided you probably don’t want to hear me go on for an entire post about how I love cheese.  I figured that you either agree with me about cheese (i.e. you love cheese, you love it sliced, diced, melted, served as fondue, served as dessert, cold from the fridge or eaten from the package fresh out of the grocery bag) and can write your own blog post about cheese-love, or you don’t agree with me about cheese and feel nauseated just reading this much about it.  At any rate, I needn’t go on and on more than I already have.
In fact, what my poor brain really wants is to get back to writing my novel, so I’m going to give my brain, and yours, a break and share photos (courtesy of Babs who lives in Ketchikan and took these pics yesterday) instead of more nonsense from my goofy noggin!
In a rainforest of evergreen trees, autumn colors are elusive.  The fireweed leaves turn fiery red (hence the name), then with surprising swiftness erupt in puffs of airborne seeds that abandon the now brown and mulchy plant.  Otherwise, most of our native leafy plants display subtle autumn colors and even then, the spruce, hemlock and cedar take center stage and hog the spotlight.  Southeast Alaska is not known for traditional autumn scenery.  For us, fall is heralded not by bright colors, but by high tides, increased rain, and wind.  It may look drab to some but it fills me with exhilaration! 

 May your day, week and autumn bring abundant joy!

P.S. Desperately seeking guest bloggers during this novel-writing time since multi-tasking is clearly not my strength! :-)
Topics may include happiness, joy, dogs, Alaska, writing and mental health.  If you have an idea for a guest post that you think would fit on my blog, please tweet or e-mail me!  

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