Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breaking News & Silly Legalities

Hello and happy Wednesday to all!

Today, I woke to thrilling news on several fronts:

1-    My interview about Magic All Around on No Wasted Ink with Wendy Van Camp has gone live and here is a link! I’m delighted to be interviewed by Wendy and am impressed by her organization; she’s a pro and her blog has great and consistent content.

2-    Thanks to one of my wonderful Twitter pals in the U.K., my short memoir Head Buckets & Hashtags has received its first review on!

3-    My Magic All Around bookmarks are printed and cut and ready to pick-up! Whee!

As you can see, life is jogging along at quite a pace and I’m scrambling, with my short legs, to keep up.  Imagine me grinning  and hooking Jeb up to a skateboard.  He can pull me along just a bit faster…Wheeeeeeeee!

Today, I’d like to share with you a morsel of writing that I did NOT include in Magic All Around.  I wanted to.  I was ready to.  A wise friend talked me out of it.  I ended up using a more conservative statement.  Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy reading this and imagining it in my front matter.

This is the section where I remind you that, being a novel (a fantasy novel, no less) this is a work of fiction.  In other words, it’s all made up.  It’s also the section where I say that any resemblance of anything in this book to anything in real life is totally and completely coincidental.  As we both know, that sort of coincidence is sheer bunk.  First, this story is set in a real place: my home, Juneau, Alaska.  I admit, I’ve tweaked several teensy details about Juneau, but not that many.  Second, a few of the secondary characters in this story are inspired by (and resemble) close friends and family and all the characters in this story (including the antagonist); resemble me, which can’t be a coincidence because I’m the author!
I’ll be blunt: the purpose of this section is less about coincidence and more about preventing litigation.  Please don’t sue me.  I’m not maligning anyone’s character (except, perhaps, my own) in this book.  Besides, if I was going to commit defamation, libel isn’t my style.  If I was going to vilify someone, I would slander them in person, and I’d do it while hopping up and down, frothing at the mouth and turning various shades of red and purple (maybe red with purple polka-dots).  I know, not a pretty picture.  Let’s avoid it, shall we?

If you do try to sue me, Vivian will make you eat raw Brussels’ sprouts and that, dear reader, could be a real crime! 


May your day be filled with wonder, delight and perfect moments!