Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!


Today’s post is dedicated to my amazing mom.  If you’ve read the first chapter of my fantasy novel, you probably realize that my main character Vivian idolizes her mom…even when she is annoyed by her.  Vivian hasn’t fully come to terms with the idea that her mom, Maeve, has her own identity, separate from that of being her mom.  Vivian wishes that Maeve were static and unchanging and doesn’t yet understand how much each of us grows and changes throughout our lives.

Writing about Vivian’s relationship with her mom was fun for me.  I loved writing the push/pull dynamics and the saucy banter!  I drew on some of my own experiences as a daughter because I know all about how it feels to idolize one’s mother and about how deep that appreciation and love can run even when Mom is human and flawed.

Some of you will have read my short memoir, Head Buckets & Hashtags and may have wondered what my adult relationship is with the woman who married the evil that was my stepfather.  There’s no sense in me being coy about this stuff, it’s obvious my mom made some horrible errors in judgment.  And, still, I idolize her.  Remember, she’s also the woman who drove my stepfather out of the house and out of our lives with the business end of a shotgun. 

In the years since that event, my mom and I have taken college courses together and worked as colleagues in two human service agencies for a total of eight years.  At work, it was fun to call her Georgia and to see how long it took folks to realize that we have the same laugh because we’re related.   We've been lucky to build a fantastic adult friendship.  Someday, Vivian and Maeve will get there, too! 

Today, my gift to my wonderful, complex, growing mother is the publication of my very first novel.  Magic All Around is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE.  My mom has been waiting for this as long as I have.  She’s been my number one fan since the very beginning.

Thank you, Mom.  I love you!

You should know that sometimes I do things that annoy the crap out of my mom.  This, gentle readers, is going to be one of them.  This is a photo of my mom.  I think she’s beautiful and that her amazing capacity for unconditional love, her resilience and her wonderful wit are visible in this image.

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