Friday, June 10, 2016

A Daring Approach To Blogging

My new garment display rack has arrived, and it holds more clothes than I expected, so I have fourteen tie-dyes stewing in their own juices overnight!
Tomorrow is the start of the weekly free summer concert series down at Pivot Plaza in front of the new state museum, and I'll be a vendor just across the street in the Juneau Arts and Culture Center parking lot from 5-7:30pm. If you're local, please stop by and check out all of our bright colors and fairy dust!
Other highlights from this week include enjoying my new smart phone, opening an Instagram account, and Jeb getting a drive-by compliment today while he supervised my tie-dying from his vantage in our sunny driveway. Jeb's new admirer slowed down and called out through her open window, "Your dog is so gorgeous!" Well, she clearly has good taste. 
It is now approaching midnight on Thursday, so I'm going to keep this post daringly short, and make it up to you next week with a full report of tomorrow's adventure, some fairy wing photos nobody has seen before, and perhaps an interesting nugget of writing news. 
Happy Friday!

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