Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Summer!

Happy Friday!
I've had a lovely week, and I hope you have too. Father's Day was a blast, I've been working on two custom sets of fairy wings, and I've been tie-dying. I have my first batch of shirts in what I'm calling my "Aurora Borealis" series up on Etsy, and I got to make a custom tie-dye (see above), then deliver it and get a catch-up visit with someone I've been missing. It was lovely!

I also celebrated solstice and cut and re-dyed my hair which tickles me no end.

We had a perfect mix of rain and sunshine, I ate a free lunch of salmonberries,and I ordered a 10x10 canopy tent for vending!

I communed with the ocean, and I even wrote a little story, though it's not yet ready to share.

You can see that Jeb, as always, had a fantastic week, as well.
 And then, there's this picture of me, taken the summer I was three years old. Ha! Don't I look ready to take on the world?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a terrific week!

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