Thursday, June 2, 2016


Happy Friday!
For the first part of the week, I was still living in a sparkly cloud of fairy dust, as you can see by these three sets of new wings.

Blue, Black & Red Wings
Wingspan 32"

Pink & Purple Wings
Wingspan 26"

Funky Orange & Black Wings With Mirrors
Wingspan 23"

But then, I felt something changing, deep inside of me! I felt my creative urge metamorphosing, and before I knew it, my hands were dripping with color!

Yes, I had a severe case of tie-dye fever.
Warning, in the photos that follow, there are pictures of my mom's birthday gifts. If you are my mom, you may want to wait until after your party to read the rest of this blog. Then again, you may not. ;)
Further warning...Lorraine, I've been working on your orange dress, but it hasn't quite come out the way it was supposed to and it's going back into the tie-dye bin for me to improve. I'll send a picture as soon as I whip it into shape.

The next five photos are of shirts that are for family and close friends. I do, however, have photos further down of shirts for sale, so bear with me, please. :)

Alright, now we're getting into the stuff that is available for sale. I am still in pursuit of a new smarty-pants phone, so my Etsy store hasn't gone live yet, but I can take cash and checks locally, and paypal/credit cards online, so if you see something you need, let me know right away. Unlike fairy wings, shirts are very easy and affordable to transport through the mail. Each shirt is $12, and shipping within the U.S. is $6.80. I'm happy to ship outside of the U.S. also, of course, and will be happy to check postage prices for you.
Speaking of metamorphosis, by the way, each of these tie-dye items was purchased at local second hand stores and given new life as bright tie-dye butterflies. ;) Men's light colored shirts without images or words are very difficult to find second-hand, around these parts, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled. Meanwhile, we have a plethora of ladie's upcycled/butterfly shirts!
White Stag XL 16-18
I love a tie-dye design. 
This is my favorite shirt of the week.

no size tag/guessing 1x

Great Northwest medium

White Stag XXL/20
If you half-filled a big grey fish tote with grape juice and 
fresh blueberries, then got in it and played jump rope,
your shirt would probably look like this! 
Close-up splatter details from dry dye application are awesome!

Tanger L/G
I like the way the bull's-eye pattern looks
like a sunburst and goes with the tiny white sunshine
brand logo on the left breast

Eddie Bauer XL
But it must be a child size, because it looks like a
Women's medium to me

Coldwater Creek L
If anyone wonders what my favorite tie-dye color combo was ten years ago...
this was it. Plum blossom, emerald green, and turquoise. I think it's still my fav.

Tags Removed 
Best guess 2x
elastic ruching at hips
SOLD! <3

Blair Large
Doesn't this just look like a sunny day at the beach? 

Charter Club Petite Large
Yes, it looks like a microscope slide. Or a terrible skin disease.
I still think it's lovely.

Last, but certainly not least, I made myself some fairy headgear. Now, popular consensus is that this is just plain goofy looking and makes people giggle. I thought it looked marvelously exotic and fae, but I seldom manage to share opinions with "popular consensus". What do you think? Do you think folks who are interested in fairy wings would also be interested in head gear like this? Or, should I take my design back to the drawing board and come up with something a little less reminiscent of donkey ears?

I hope you have a terrific weekend and a joyous week!