Thursday, June 16, 2016

Etsy Store & Writing News

Another week has sped past, and this one included Jeb's 5th birthday. 
I'm at the age where I'm perpetually astonished by how swiftly time flows by. People whom I think of as children have children of their own, books that were new when I was a kid are "classics", and my "puppy" is a full grown dog. 
Meanwhile, last Friday feels like yesterday and it's time for a new blog entry. 
The Block Party vending opportunity last week went splendidly, and we sold two sets of wings and a tie-dye! We're excited to vend tomorrow, and it looks like we can expect partly sunny skies again, which certainly makes the fairy wings glimmer with a special sunlit magic. 
What's happened since last Friday? Well, I've fretted and struggled with my computer, my phone, and the Internet so much that I haven't made any new tie dyes or fairy wings, but I am happy to announce that my Etsy shop is now open! Please use the "like", "follow", and "share" buttons, and please shop to your heart's content. Yes, there are tie-dyes in the shop that you haven't seen before!

Two sets of fairy wings have arrived on Marble Island, and I'm tickled to now be able to share this photo that I've been holding back until the recipients unpacked their magical package. This first set, a butterfly-mermaid hybrid exceeded my expectations, and I hope to create a similar set next week.
The second set is a damsel fly or dragonfly style, and both sets look so much better on the happy fairies themselves, than on the wall, that I must share this collage of fairy photos with you. 

In fact, I also have a collage of people wearing my tie-dyes. Look at all those vibrant colors and vibrant hearts! Thank you to each of you who've purchased tie-dyes and fairy wings, and thank you to those of you willing to share photos!

The biggest piece of news for you, today, doesn't have a photo to go with it, but you can imagine me with a very happy grin. A wonderful fellow writer and fellow Alaskan has asked me to submit one of my flash fiction pieces to her press for publication on her blog, and for later inclusion in a curated collection of Alaskan flash fiction. We haven't yet signed any paperwork, so I'll withhold some of the specific details until everything is sorted and signed, but I am very excited. There is money involved, which lends an air of import to the transaction, and which feels validating in a brand new way to me. If everything goes as I hope, this happy bit of writing business will cover almost half of the vending fee for November's Public Market, which is due next month, which means that you should count on me being at Public Market the weekend after Thanksgiving! 
As I begin to get a better handle on the artistic and business aspects of all this, I'm thinking that there is a good chance my t-shirts and fairy wings will increase in price by the time Public Market rolls around. I don't know how much, or when, I'll raise prices, but anyone who can, should take advantage of the current pricing while it lasts. I'm very grateful for all of the support everyone has given, and I want you to benefit from my "feeling out the market" pricing. 
I hope to see some of you tomorrow down by the JACC, and I hope all of you have a marvelous weekend and coming week!

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