Monday, April 15, 2013

Party Planning!

Gentle readers,

Today someone did something really crappy and hurtful.  I stumbled on the news while bopping my way around Twitter and immediately said cuss words and teared-up in sympathy. 

This kind of stuff happens, somewhere on this splendid blue-green sphere most days.  I don’t like it.  I makes me angry and horribly sad, but if I get stuck in those emotions or the thoughts that accompany them, I cannot be happy.   I’m sure that today’s events in Boston will make for a very busy news day.  I will not be watching or reading that news, not because I don’t care, but because I care deeply and I want to make my little corner of the universe safer, happier and better.  Immersing myself in these stories does not bring out the best in me, it sours everything I do and touch and often immobilizes me.

So, today, I will do what I try to do every single day.  I recognize that there is hate, violence and suffering out there, I recognize that I am just one person with a limited reach and I focus on the positive things that I experience and the good that I can sow.  I must stay focused.  I must stay positive.  I must collect perfect moments.

If you’re wired like I am, I hope you’ll enjoy today’s positive post and perhaps even share a perfect moment in the comments!

Perfect Moments:

  • Yesterday I got very little editing done on Magic All Around because I sat on the back porch in the sunshine for hours!  It was 48F and marvelous!  Jeb had a great time, too.
  • My relaxing interlude in the sunshine generated lots of creative energy and I began planning my Twitter Launch Party for Magic All Around!  Whoopee!  I’m excited and having a blast (and perfect moments) planning games and prizes.  You should know, this launch party will have fantabulous prizes!  I’m going to procure high quality, professionally vac-packed Alaskan salmon to give away.  Yup!  Also, I think we’ll need some Yummy Chummies (salmon dog jerky made locally) and other cool stuff!  As I gather prizes, I’ll send some photos out to whet your appetite!
  • Over the weekend, I got a record number of visits to my blog (over a hundred hits!) and a bunch of you read the first chapter of Magic All Around.  If that’s not an ENORMOUS PERFECT MOMENT for a newbie author, I don’t know what is.  Seriously, thank you for reading and for all of your feedback.  I’m over the moon to be sharing my words.
  • Finally, I’ve had a few perfect moments of happy anticipation as I look forward to seeing Arlo Guthrie live in concert in a couple weeks.  For a folk-music loving, hippy-dippy gal like me, it’s a very big deal!


  • YOU are invited to my Twitter Launch Party for Magic All Around on Monday, May 13th from noon-2p.m. AKST (4-6pm Eastern).  Please let me know if you need help sorting out the time zones!  We’ll be using the hashtag #magicallaround



  1. You are so right! Finding the beautiful even in real bad times... that's what i'm trying to do, with lots of cuddles and long walks with my pawrents. We try to find gratitude in the everyday life and not be tempted to let ourselves caught up in the ugly...
    I sure will attend the Party!!!

  2. I know you are a comfort to your pawrents just as Jeb is to me. <3
    I'm delighted you'll attend the party! I'm having so much fun planning it, it's hard to concentrate on other things! :-D